Black AZ COVID-19 Task Force

The Black AZ COVID-19 Task Force (“Task Force”) was formed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are a community based initiative created to ensure Black Arizonan’s have accurate, readily available, and transparent information on the Coronavirus and access to testing, resources and services to 

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Help for Women Owned Businesses

The federal government under the CAREs ACT has passed legislation providing resources to families and small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus. If you need help with food, housing, or applying for business assistance please contact us at 623-335-2071.  Stay tuned for our workshop series.  

The WEI Recognizes Latina Women's Equal Pay Day

November 20, 2019 is Latina Women's Equal Pay Day

November 20, 2019 marks the number of months and days into 2019 that a Latina employee must work in order to earn what white, non-Hispanic males earned in 2018.  That should be against the law.  As a nation we don't support gender discrimination and neither should employers. Women deserve equal pay for equal work!  

What is Black Women's Equal Pay Day?

Black Women's Equal Pay Day is the number of days Black women must work into the new year in order to earn what their white, non-Hispanic, male colleagues earned last year.  

In 2018 Black women had to work eight months into 2018 (August 7, 2018) to have pay equity.  See the 2018 Forum video below.  

2018 Phoenix Black Women's Equal Pay Forum (PL to R Moderator LaCheris Luster, Lisa Moore, Cherie Bond, and Charlene Tarver (Founder, The Women's Economic Institute).   Sponsored by: ACF, The Southwest Women's Law Center, Equality Health, Planned Parenthood, WEBEC-West, and Style Stalkers,LLC.  


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Unleashing challenges women to rebound from rock bottom in a world where the bigotry of under-expectation is the norm for women and girls of color. Despite the past you can choose to live into your best life.  Tarver shares twenty steps on the how. Foreword by Atty Benjamin Crump.


Welcome to The WEI

Charlene Tarver, JD, LL.M., CEBS


The Women’s Economic Institute, Inc., founded in 2017, is a policy and advocacy institute focused on driving generational wealth, economic stability, and income security for women and girls of color through policy, technical assistance, workforce readiness, and leadership development training. 

From barriers in education to a gender based pay gap that widens with race, women of color are significantly underrepresented in corporate America. Often because they lack the relationships, mentoring, leadership and professional development critical to career growth— resulting in little to no access to the C-Suite and minimal career advancement. 

Women of color are also subject to the race and gender income gap.  Throughout the nation, women of color earn between forty-three to sixty-seven cent for every dollar earned by their white, non-Hispanic male counterparts.  In addition to wage differentials and inequities, little to no access to mid-level career or management opportunities, and lack of access to the C-Suite, women of color are experiencing an increase in unemployment, underemployment, and employment at poverty level wages, further stunting their family’s overall economic viability and access to the American dream

Jobless Rate Sparks New Class of Entrepreneurs

According to the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, “As of February 2015, the nation’s overall jobless rate fell to its lowest point in seven years (5.5%), while women’s unemployment fell to a six-year low (4.9%), and white women’s unemployment hit a seven-year low (4.2%). Completely counter to that trend, Black women’s unemployment actually ticked up, reaching 8.9%.  Black women’s unemployment in January 2018 is down to 6.8%, 2.1% less than it was a year ago, however it remains significantly higher than all other women in America.”

The Black Women’s Roundtable 2015 Report further notes, “While it is true that educational advancement provides an important pathway to opportunity in America, it is also critical to understand that wage differentials amongst African American women persist across every level of education. In other words, education is not a conduit to fair pay.” Nor is it a conduit to equal access to capital or opportunity for women entrepreneurs, which are growing rapid fire.  

According to Black Enterprise Magazine, Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation, starting businesses at six times the national average. However access to capital, influential networks, mentoring and ancillary business, legal and financial services are looming challenges facing Black women entrepreneurs. WEI is designed to encourage policy and a solutions-based approach to economic development training for women professionals and entrepreneurs of color.


1. Black Women’s Roundtable Report dated Mach 26, 2015.

2. Black Women Business Owners Outpace All Other Startups Six Times National Average. Carolyn M. Brown, Black Enterprise, March 4, 2016. it here.

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Black women are the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation, starting businesses at six times the national average.  

About Us

How We're Helping

The WEI is a nonprofit formed in 2017 in response to the under-representation, unemployment, pay inequity, and dirth of capital and professional resources accessible to women professionals and women entrepreneurs of color.  

The WEI is a policy and advocacy institute focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place for women and girls through advocacy and strategic programming. With the help of our friends and community partners we provide in-depth training for youth, mentoring for young professional women, and technical assistance and support for women entrepreneurs.  

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Its been proven that mentoring, self-development programs, and sound policy that helps working women and families are all critical in advancing the career trajectory for women.  That's doubly true for women of color.  We invite you to join our team and learn more ways you can support the work we're doing.  

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Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

What we do

Develop economic policy impacting women and girls

Provide personal, professional and leadership training for women and girls

The Young Professional Black Women’s Mentoring Initiative is a cornerstone of WEI’s programming.

Launched in 2016 through a generous grant from Arizona Public Service (APS), in partnership with the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., Phoenix Metropolitan Chapter, the  Mentoring Initiative is a six month leadership development series designed to cultivate, develop and mentor young professional women of color, ages twenty-forty in the core areas of:

1. Workforce Advancement/Development 

2. Emotional Intelligence/Critical Thinking 

3. Personal and Leadership Development 

4. Interpersonal Skill and Non-verbal Communication

5. Conflict Management and Resolution 

6. Executive Presence

7. Crisis Management 

8. Entrepreneurship 

Email us to find out more information about the upcoming cohort!

Offer technical assistance, training and resource development for entrepreneurs


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